I Spent 100 Hours Locked In My Art Room
This was insane
I Locked Myself In My Art Room For 100 Hours

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    • Lev Pertsov
      Lev Pertsov

      Snakes are cute

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      Muthu krishnan

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      Your dog water 559

      August 17 is my birthday

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    Kaneki -kun-

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    headchef boy

    Ur an amazing artist

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    Roukaya Lulu

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    When I described in a Build-A-Bear did the other things too

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    Dawn Brown

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    Okiesnokie Party service

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    Brahmini Varma

    You are an op artist 😜😜

  • Chicken Toast is a good idea
    Chicken Toast is a good idea


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    moatasem gamer

    Zhc:I'm not leaving for 100 hours Him going out side to spray paint the RC car😂

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    "Durian is the stinkiest fruit in the world" *Me eating durian rn* Also me: ....what? *punches the screen* Me: That's better! ^^ (not hating) (Im actually from Malaysia)

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    U think me beast and ZHC are brothers.There both so nice.

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    _{ Hashira of Diamonds }_

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    Karim adventure is best.

    Next in stores zhc custom keyboard

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    Bradley and Jude Video’s

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    Everyone in the comments: ZHC: I’m not leaving my art room for 100 hours! *spray paints outside* Umm You just left! Me: He literally said in his comment thing that it was the balcony of the art room, along with the fact he was giving stuff away.

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      Claudia & Rodney Johnson

      @ Samantha Empey exactly

    • Claudia & Rodney Johnson
      Claudia & Rodney Johnson


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    For ZHC 100 hours For people watching this video 12 minutes and 46 seconds

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