I Customized 1,000 Phone Cases
i can't believe we customized 1,000 phone cases and surprised subscribers with a ton of stuff!

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Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching:)

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    • Danielle Hackett
      Danielle Hackett

      Your so talented

    • SDSTW Roelofs
      SDSTW Roelofs

      good drawings

    • S L
      S L

      Well you did 1000 AirPod pros

    • Kofa Fajar
      Kofa Fajar

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    • Patricia Mamuad
      Patricia Mamuad


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  • Jaxon Paulson
    Jaxon Paulson

    Zhc in year 3086: Were gonna costamize all of the 9 planets Let's get started!

  • Susie Bailey
    Susie Bailey

    Can you please customize 10 Mac-book pro’s? Also I love your videos! You are so nice and I am so thankful that you are helping people! Also I won’t tell you my real name but if you ever see this comment you can just call me unicorn! Thank you!

  • Makylea Weaver
    Makylea Weaver

    I love the second one I want one so bad!!!! ZHC pls respond to this it’s all I want once pls

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    Gacha life

    Pov: your seeing tons of comments that start with "Zhc in year ____:"

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    Maleah Gannon

    If you could send me a computer because I really need one to do homework and my pattern could be a sunset over an ocean

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    Ryza Coleen Valbuena

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    Shamma mohammed Alshehhi

    Can you please make one android case the Hawaii

  • Dominic Grussi
    Dominic Grussi

    I love your art work and Your custom designs are the ONES THAT MAKE YOU THE PERFECT ARTIST

  • Monejean Genilla
    Monejean Genilla

    D is zombies plssssss

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    nadreen eisa

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    Riaan Risseeuw

    Can I have a smoothie case but male it


    Meee pls

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    Timoci qereqeretabua


  • taj Bonds
    taj Bonds

    2:42 I like dat very much

  • Julie King
    Julie King

    Customize the plain bus watermelon your boss

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    Vinicio Unaucho

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  • Kai Gowa
    Kai Gowa

    I wish I could have some of those i phones cases

  • Sagir Khan
    Sagir Khan

    Is Zack disabled because he has stair cases numbered and his table says table

  • Kari May
    Kari May

    You’re such a good artist

  • timeless_ playz
    timeless_ playz

    And in 2060: today we will be customizing the world's LARGEST vodka! ( Hitler was resarected and the Soviet Union!)

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl

    I wish I could meet you IRL and ur rt us AWESOME!!

  • Firosh Joseph
    Firosh Joseph

    ZHC is the King of ART

  • Art By SD
    Art By SD

    ZHC in 5000: so guys today we will be customising Jupiter, Earth and the Moon

  • Németh Tímea
    Németh Tímea

    what is this felt-tip pen called??

  • Hayley Mahaffey
    Hayley Mahaffey

    Can I have 1 please

  • kids cavitt
    kids cavitt

    You are zhc I am a big fan I subscribe to you you make the best you tuber

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    Emil Barçi

    Zhc in 2080:Hi gays today im costommiysimg the MOON!!!😂😂😂

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    Steven Wolf

    A lot of rose’s

  • Baylie r
    Baylie r

    This dude must be rich

  • Sumanlata Singh
    Sumanlata Singh

    Zhc works hard true . Give his friends credit nope

  • Sumanlata Singh
    Sumanlata Singh

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  • Alicia Bonilla
    Alicia Bonilla

    Ty ZHC for being the best I’m 8 and I love your channels ❤️❤️❤️

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    Andrew Na

    The tigers eye is awsome

  • Andrew Na
    Andrew Na

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  • Shanzay Haider
    Shanzay Haider

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    ZUB cooking

    ZHC in 2051:today we are going to be customising the earth 🌎 and doing a giveaway to our lovely aliens 👽 😂😁👍

  • Παναγιώτα Δαρζεντα
    Παναγιώτα Δαρζεντα

    You drew every time the same

  • skate board crew
    skate board crew

    the blue space man looks like an among us character

  • Preeti Dubey
    Preeti Dubey

    Please please give me a one customised Mack book pro I'm in India Uttar Pradesh basti shiva colony it is my address please give me 🥺🥺🥺🥺😟😟😟🥺🥺

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    Angou Kielienyü

    Can I even get

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    Taisia R

    it’s the artie mr beast

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    Lexi jenkinson

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  • Monster Copyer
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  • d3ylan610

    9:17 No Tests 9:24 Test Today

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    Leona Northcott

    You are very creative

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    Juancarlos sapien

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    Bridgette Sitton

    Man I love this guy😊 Remember when they couldn't even plug in two heat pans to do the pancake challenge for tripping the breaker Now hiring artists by paying by the hour for a week😊🥰 Nice job guys you deserve it for all you give back loves you much🥰🙏

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    Mandy Fiske

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    Reniel Talaban

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    Reniel Talaban

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    Faker Name

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    Janelle Kyeyune

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    Rosalie Tamayo

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    Shravani Mendhe

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    Samia Hajric

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  • Mullum Primary School
    Mullum Primary School

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  • Layla Christoffer
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